Girls Swim and Dive

Girls Swim and Dive at Breck

Breck girls swim and dive is a team of young women grades 7-12. We are a team that focuses on the mechanics of swimming and diving, smart training and the overall well-being of each team member. Some of the team members swim and dive year round and other members participate in other sports or activities once the season is completed.
The team has been successful at the section and state levels achieving many first place rankings. This is all due to the team’s hard work, and their willingness to step outside of their comfort zone when training and racing. Another reason for the team’s success, and a reason for each member’s “stick-to-itiveness,” is because of the support they give to and receive from their teammates. Along with the girls’ commitment to the program, the coaching staff is also very dedicated and committed to the program.
BGSD is a team that wants to win, but winning is not the primary focus of the team. We focus on the process. The process is learning how to control what one can control, emotionally and physically. It’s also about knowing and learning what one can’t control, such as outcome. We focus on doing one’s best each and every day.
The team works hard in the pool, but they also connect outside of the pool and create connections that last a lifetime. The coaching staff is dedicated to making sure the girls are successful in the pool, as well as in the classroom. Along with being successful in the classroom, the team learns life skills that apply once they leave Breck. These are skills that make them valuable members of society.
As a member of the team, one may not always want to jump or dive into the pool and get wet, but they always do. Team members know it may not be an easy day of practice or competition, but they know it will make them happier, healthier, courageous, and prepared for anything they may face in the future. 

Coaching Staff

Head Coach Michelle Carlson

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Girls Swim and Dive Awards


1997, 2010


1997, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

200 IM
Allyssa Phelps, 2015
Taylor Foster, 2009
Sammi Husband, 2007
Sammi Husband, 2006
Saylor Hawkins, 2017
Saylor Hawkins, 2016