Football at Breck

Breck Football focuses on building meaningful relationships that span a lifetime. We care about our players as people first and make sure they are aware of that on a daily basis. The athletes will be coached hard, but it will come from the place of helping them reach their full potential. We want to win football games, but it is not our goal. Our goal is for athletes to leave our program as respectful, productive, and exemplary young people.

Football has been under great scrutiny over the past few years and we have done more than any other sport to change. The game has never been safer than it is right now.

You may ask yourself, “Why should my child play Breck Mustangs Football?” Here is why:

  • They will develop relationships that will be with them for a lifetime. Their teammates will be friends forever and their coaches will be mentors for life.
  • They will learn characteristics that will benefit them as they grow into adults such as teamwork, persistence, and courage.
  • We will keep our athletes as safe as possible.

The Breck Mustang football players in grades 7-12 compete with a full schedule at the MS (7th/8th grade), Varsity, JV levels. The team travels around the Twin Cities area in the Red District, with home contests at McKnight Stadium.

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