Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Track & Field

McKnight Stadium

McKnight Stadium was originally built in 1958. Throughout the years the stadium has added artificial turf, a MONDO running track, bleachers and lights. McKnight Stadium is home to Breck's football, soccer, lacrosse, and track and field teams.

Baseball and Softball

Baseball & Softball Fields

Breck's Softball Diamond is located on the HWY 100 Field. It has a portable fence for a total of 180 feet to center, left, and right fields. Baseball uses Field #1 and Field #2 both have dimensions close to 335 feet to center field, 300 feet to left field, and 300 feet to right field.



Anderson Ice Arena

Located right off of Highway 55, Breck's Anderson Ice Arena opened in 2001. The complex boasts 880 seats, and the rink size is 85 x 200. It also includes eight locker rooms, two referee rooms, two meeting rooms, two lobbies, and a weight room. In total, the Anderson Ice Arena is just under 42,000 square feet, and it is the home of the Breck boys and girls hockey teams. 


Tennis Courts

The Breck Tennis Courts are located right on campus. Breck has a total of seven tennis courts.

Basketball & Volleyball

Anderson Gym

Anderson Gym is the home of Boys and Girls Basketball and Volleyball. Originally built by Golden Valley School district 1956/1957. Breck replaced the wood floor in 1999, bleachers in 2015, and baskets in 2017.

The floor size of Anderson Gym is 96 feet x 96 feet.

Swim and Dive

Breck Pool

The Breck pool was originally built by Golden Valley School district. It includes five swim lanes and bleachers for viewing the swim meets.