Sports Medicine

The Breck School Athletic Department delivers athletic training and sports medicine services to the student athletes of Breck School.  The Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) is an allied health professional who under a physician’s direction provides the following services:  Acute and chronic injury assessment, prevention, treatment, management and rehabilitation.  In addition, whenever possible, we strive to educate the student athletes about athletic injuries so they can be empowered to lead healthier injury free lifestyles.  We are committed to using whatever technology is available in the delivery of these services.

Athletic Training Facilities

The purpose of the athletic training facility is:

  • To allow easy access to sports medicine services for our student athletes
  • To be able to substantially reduce the risk of athletic injury
  • To enable injured student athletes to safely return to their sport as soon as medically cleared

The athletic training facility is a health care facility and should be used as such.  Each athlete has the right of confidentiality.  Information on their medical condition will be shared sparingly with only with appropriate people on a need to know basis.  If any questions the Athletic Trainer will determine what information should be shared and with whom.  All athletes are expected to comply with the rules for use of the facility.  All coaches are expected to assist the Athletic Trainer as requested in enforcing them. 

Emergency Action Plans

Athletic Trainer

John LaRotonda
Phone: 763.381.8279

Team Physician

Athletic Training Room Hours

Hours may vary depending on school and sport schedules, but are generally as follows:

Monday - Friday: 12 till end of events
Weekend & Holidays: Event coverage only.

Coaches should make sure athletes have water and bring ice for potential injuries. Make sure to contact the athletic trainer as soon as possible with injury information.  

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